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Digital technologies are taking the world into unchartered waters with digitalisation and infrastructure transformation shaping industry and society and the way people live and work. The foundations being laid today by new digital technologies need to be supported by collaboration and skill development to ensure stability and ongoing growth.

Sweden is a leading global hub for scientific research and technological innovation with a strong commitment to applying digital technologies and infrastructure development in society and businesses, while retaining core values of openness, integrity, and collaboration. Sweden boasts a strong cluster of DigiTech investors, start-ups, and large corporations in a unique and proven climate for digital innovation.

Business Sweden supports, connects, and accelerates Swedish SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups, and established players with global companies both on the world stage and in Sweden’s dynamic and edgy local environment. Our ambition is to put our partner companies at the cutting edge of digital innovation and lead the global transition towards sustainable digital development.

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Digital infrastructure and cloud

Sweden’s competitive strengths lie in 5G/6G, the Internet of Things, data centres, and cloud and edge computing and the focus is on connecting and building partnerships that will build the infrastructure of tomorrow. Cybersecurity is an imperative part of the story and is essential to creating the trust and credibility required by users, customers, and regulators.

Advanced digital technologies

Sweden is playing a fundamental role in the development of advanced digital technologies and solutions that will underpin digital innovation and ongoing transformation of industries and society at large. Advanced technologies including AI, advanced analytics, fintech, AR/VR/XR, gamification, visualisation, and other emerging technologies are all playing a role in designing solutions that meet social and business challenges.

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#1 Sweden’s EU innovative country ranking
60% of all new jobs in Sweden in IT intensive sectors
SEK 281 B Digital technologies’ GDP contribution for 2020
Sweden's Digital Technologies Industry

Sweden is a launch pad for going digital as gamechanging technologies revolutionise more and more industries. By tapping into Sweden’s world class technology skills, innovation clusters and vibrant startup scene, international companies can accelerate their journey to a connected, low-carbon future.

Co-creation a foundation for digital innovation

Collaboration across industries and skills is essential for the shift from digital transformation and digitalisation to true digital innovation. Sweden is a global leader in emerging tech, offering one of the most progressive and innovative digital markets in the world.

Make an impact globally

Your international journey starts with us; our tailored programmes accelerate market expansion, connect Swedish startups and scaleups with global partners, and springboard growth for digital technologies that meet social, economic, industry, and business challenges.

Digital infrastructure and cloud

Amazon Web Services find home in Sweden

Serving the Nordics always meant Amazon Web Services had to find the right location to serve the region. Sweden’s high-speed connectivity, lower power costs, and focus on sustainability ticked all the boxes for a successful data centre set up, and three data centres with capacity to expand services.

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Sustainable digitilisation, powered by Sweden

The global digital revolution is transforming the way live, manufacture, and do business, but the challenges of developing sustainability are vast. The energy required to store and manage data is a problem that needs innovation solution, and Sweden is leading the way.

Nordic datacentre market a global leader

With reliable power supplies, low energy prices, political stability, faster time-to-market, and an abundance of energy and other resources compared to more traditional European datacentre regions, the Nordics are an attractive destination for some of the world’s leading companies.

Advanced digital technologies

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Unleashing the power of data to solve global challenges

What problems are data and digital technologies solving? And how are Swedish and international companies collaborating to ensure the application, storage, and sharing of invaluable data is secure and effective? Dive into this Business Sweden Insights episode to find out more.

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NVIDIA lead industry transformation with AI

NVIDIA is an active player in the automotive, telecommunications, and MedTech sectors putting AI at the forefront of their business and development operations. Sweden is a natural home for the global giants’ Nordic operations with an innovative approach to thinking, developing, and testing.

Seasons of change: the future of AI in Sweden

AI has the power to change how finance, healthcare, robotics, and the service industry transform strategic and operational approaches to deliver efficiencies and improved service for their end users. In this report, find out how Sweden is fostering an industry that combines local and international actors to shape the future of AI use.

Why Sweden?

- Sweden offers one of the most progressive digital markets in the world, with a unique and proven climate for digital innovation

- Sweden’s top-ranked network and technology readiness is supported by a fast, resilient, and low-carbon digital infrastructure

- Sweden offers a world-class workforce in all major digital technologies and a tech savvy population quick to adopt and adapt new technologies

Why go global?

- Sweden’s reputation for quality, sustainability, and digital innovation is second to none and growing stronger as countries pursue digital and green transformations

- Swedish tech companies lead the way globally with co-creation and innovation as competitive advantages

- Huge business opportunities, across all industries, are opening up for tech companies as digital technologies are the primary driver of disruption and value creation


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